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Termite & Wood Destroying Organism Inspections

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Termite & Wood Destroying Organism Inspections - HUD & VA Requirement Compliant


Do you have termites?  Did you have termites?  Do you have anything to worry about?  Termites typically enter your home from the soil.  Once they enter they eat the wood components of your home.  You need a trained eye to determine if you have termites or if your home ever had termites.  And we can recommend a course of action.  There are other wood destroying organisms that can undermine the structural integrity of your home as well.  We are also trained and certified by InterNACHI to detect the major organisms that can destroy the wood in your home.  Call or write us today!

Wood Destroying Organism Inspections add confidence to you buying decision and are often required by lenders.  We look for evidence of termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees and more.  Many lenders require this inspection.  We offer low package prices for whole home, radon and pest inspections.