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Radon is a radioactive gas. It's everywhere in varying concentrations.  As the gas follows the path of least resistance through the ground, it enters homes through cracks, joints and holes in your foundation. The only way to know the levels in your home is to measure it.  Crawl spaces are notorious for high radon concentrations.

Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers and the second leading cause of lung cancer in smokers, Radon is responsible for over 21,000 deaths each year. 

Radon testing involves placing a small, portable piece of equipment in your home to test for this invisible and ordorless gas. Results are delivered within 48-Hours.

        There is no other place on earth where there are higher levels of radon then in west central Illinois and Iowa.

Where Does Radon Indoors Come From?

Radon is an atomic decay product of uranium.  It travels through the ground and enters a home through cracks in walls, basement floors, foundations,plumbing holes and sump pump pits.  Exposure to limited concentrations, like those found outdoors, is impossible to avoid. However, when radon gets trapped indoors, it may build up to dangerous concentrations.

How do I know if I have high levels of radon in my home?

There is no way to know if you have high levels or radon gas in your home unless you measure it.

Is radon in Iowa AND Illinois

Radon is everywhere, but for reasons unknown, there is more radon gas in Iowa and Illinois then anywhere on the planet.



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